2017 Yahoo暑期實習Android&Front-End 電話面試心得

熱騰騰的Yahoo 電話面試心得,今天中午(2017/4/21)剛面完,怕忘記趕快打一打。


This is XXX from Yahoo Taiwan. Now, we are hiring 2017 summer interns to join our project development. To recruit more young talents and enthusiasts, I’d like to invite you to have a phone interview with us. The phone interview usually takes around 30 mins.  …..

太令人興奮了!! 竟然收到Yahoo的電話面試通知,馬上回信感謝他給我機會面試,並馬上約好當週五中午面試。 有趣的是我順道一提詢問面試是以中文還是英文面試(因為IBM的慘痛經驗),主管人很Nice地回覆面試是使用中文,還帶一個印象深刻親切的笑臉圖案,哈哈。

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