Israel internship – First Week Experience

Thanks Tix program in Tsing Hua University which provide scholarship and let me enjoy an great adventure in Israel.
This is first time to travel so far and doesn’t stay home for two month, I feel nervous and excited for this internship.

First two days we go to many famous place. First day night we went to Tel Aviv dinner which hosted by Diplomatic ambassador from Taiwan, and that night is a party night in Tel Aviv called “white night”.
Second days we went to Jaffa port and beach called “Jerusalem Beach”.
Third days we went to the city which I intern. My friends went to Haifa and I went to Netanya.

About my internship, my job was related to analysis Chinese data in dark web.
In this week, my company needed me to find more dark web Chinese website.
This was my first time to surf dark web and it was really let me feel it was very dark such as porn, carding, fraud, credit card fraud, drugs, hacker and hitman.

The culture and food here let me surprise a lot!
For example, they work on Sunday to Thursday  and rest on Friday and Saturday.
Every store and transportation system like bus and train will suspend on Friday sunset to Saturday sunset.
They don’t eat pork and seafood with shell like shrimp. That’s pity, shrimp is very delicious. If I want to buy it, the price is extraordinary expensive than Taiwan.
They usually eat Shawarma, Hummus, Pita and Falafel. For now, I love to eat hummus  with pita haha!


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